Thursday, July 8, 2010

Time Spent With Our Elders and Blueberry Picking

I'm combining a couple of things from our trip to Milam in one post... While we were there we went to visit some very special people in my life, who loved seeing Dex.  My parents neighbors, who I used to go see when I was a child, and where I remember making divinity with MaryLou on several occasions, was our first stop.  It's almost unreal listening to their stories about when there were gunfights on the town square, and people avenged their loved one's honor... it was a whole different time.

It's kinda funny, I just noticed in these two pictures Dex is giving them both the same look  :)

Then we went to see my old nanny.  The lady who kept me from baby to kindergarden.  This was the first time she'd seen Dex, and she loved him instantly :)  (I'm gonna go ahead and tell the world that I never had to get one spanking at nanny's house!  I think I was the only one there who was that well behaved :)  Thank you very much!!!)  How very cool it was to take my baby back to meet her...

(Dex loved her can see him playing with it in the picture.)


Then on Monday morning, we went blueberry pickin'!  A lady that goes to my parents church has a little blueberry patch (well, not really all that little...) and we were able to get in some good early morning pickin'.  Dex picked berries that were blue, red, didn't matter.  And he put them all in his mouth.  I bet you can guess what he's been having for dessert the last few days.  Did I mention, we got 7 pounds of blueberries in about 30 minutes?? 

And finally, a picture of Emi & Dex before church... just thrown in for good measure :)  (don't worry, he didn't wear the fisherman hat to church!  Or the sunglasses, for that matter.)


  1. Awwww....Nanny! I told Kristen recently that we need to plan a weekend for all of us to go visit her. She would LOVE that! I'd like to add myself to the no spanking/well behaved club :) Sweet memories!

  2. So fun...I think that he should have work the hat and glasses to church. :)