Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 4th Weekend - Part II

Day 2:  I was having a big time, taking pictures of stuff around my parent's pool, taking pictures of Dex & Pop swimming...

When all of the sudden Sean yelled out that there was a snake...  It was lounging right where I'd been taking pictures!  ICK, double ick, and shudder!  Just gives me the chills!  I don't really care for snakes.

Pop and Dex made many rounds around the house/pasture on the four wheeler.  When they'd get off, Dex would stick his arm out toward the four wheeler and grunt, as if to say 'again'!

Backyard at sunset.  I love this oak tree...

Humming birds...

And finally, watching the fireworks...  Dex was so confused.  It was loud and I think he wanted to be scared, but everyone was telling him how cool they were and clapping and saying "YAY!!!" so he had this weird look on his face the whole time, but he clapped right along with everyone else!  Such a trooper.

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