Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dex's Vacation

As you may be able to tell from my lack of posting, Dex has been away for the past week or so...But don't feel sorry for him, he's been having a grand ol' time  :)

Whenever Dex is at Pop & Emi's I get periodic picture texts from my mom and dad.  Here are a few!  (in the order received)

Good morning!

Anyone think this shirt might be a tad big??  Anyone?...

Apparently he now loves Mr. Wolf.

He also loves tipping over the rocking horse (when he's not standing on top of it) and sitting on it sideways...

'Getting ready for church'  Little boy, big tub :)

I'm not even sure Pop knows how many times they rode that fourwheeler.  A. LOT.

Oh, lordy...he can now escape!

Dex showing his skills with the wrench.  Big help fixing the swing.

Grocery shopping.  He insists on pushing the cart.  In case you couldn't guess, this doesn't help the speed of the shopping trip. 

'Dex found a new button to push.'

These are my dad's pictures...Dex & Emi swinging. 

This was his fifth (?) ride the day he was supposed to come back.  Gotta get as many in as they can!!  Luckily he can drive himself now  :)

What did people do before cell phones and instant pictures??!  haha!  My, we are spoiled, but I like it!

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