Wednesday, September 15, 2010


If you've been around Dex at all in the last few weeks, you'll know that he loves lights.  LOVES.  Every one he sees, he'll point to it, say "light" (dite), and want to turn it on and off.  and on and off.  and on and off.  You get the point. 

Well, it's kind of a pain for the adults around him, because we have to hold him for him to "play" with the switches.  Daddy Doug to the rescue!!  He taught Dex how to turn lights on and off via lamps!  Genius.  Now he can stand on our couch and turn the lamps on and off all he wants and we can just sit back and watch!

 *as always, clothing appears optional at our house...

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  1. He is just so cute and great idea btw! Clothing is optional at my house too! Right now both of my kids are either in a diaper or just underwear!! :)