Friday, March 18, 2011

Boys = Dirt

I may have had my doubts when Dex would touch the ground and come over to me, hold out his hand with a tiny speck of dirt on it, and say "uh-oh!"... or when I'd try to lay him on the grass with me to look at the sky, and he would refuse to touch his head to the ground... but never fear, he is actually a full-fledged BOY.  He was throwing and kicking dirt EVERYWHERE tonight.  And rolling in the grass like a puppy dog. 

I love nights like this... warm weather, kid playing in the dirt pile and looking at worms, momma and daddy sitting in the lounge chairs on the front porch, making fun of the teenagers next door who think they are sooooo cool, *knowing you don't have to go to work in the morning*... it just makes my heart scream PERFECT!

I'll try to post more pictures later!

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