Wednesday, March 2, 2011

More Video - Talking

Here's another video of Dex saying some of his words.  After watching it, I think he may not be quite as clear in his pronunciation as I think he is :)  It's still cute, though.

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  1. His L's are amazing for a 2 yr old. Deffinately. This made my day- i cant believe i left for school-now i have NO job...and hate my field, and dont plan to work in it.LOL. Id prefer dex over boredom and the junk I went to school for. Im best at being a Nanny. Sad day. I wish I could be there to capture daily moments-random words...i guess we all make stupid decisions. Thought mine would lead me to a career- not waht it cracked out to be,and on top of that a career i hate. Oh I miss you guys!