Sunday, December 4, 2011

CHOO CHOO!! Polar Express!!

Tonight Mimi and Daddy Doug treated us to a ride on the Polar Express!  Dex's favorite thing in the world right now is trains... so you can imagine his excitement to actually get to RIDE one!  He was beside himself.  I am soooo grateful to Mimi for organizing the whole thing (we rode with Aunt Shannon, Uncle Jerry, Brooks and Gentry, too!!) and giving us the opportunity to make a little boy VERRRRY happy :) 

Here he is getting ready to go with some chocolate chip cookies (yes, cookieSSSSS) and milk.

Dex and Brooks.  I love this :)  (oh, and all the little kids wore PJ's for the ride, in case you haven't seen Polar Express)

Waiting, waiting, waiting.  He looks patient here, but mostly he was running in circles yelling CHOO CHOO!! and ALL ABOARD!!

Think he wanted to take this picture?  Nope.

Santa made his rounds on the train!  Dex did better than expected and said HI SANTA!  And he waved!  And he actually let him sit right next to us!  Success!!

But still a little unsure :)

The precious kiddos!  Brooks, Dex, and Gentry.

Here's our official Santa picture.  While we were waiting in line, Dex told everyone within earshot that he was going to see Santa and that he was going to sit in his lap.  Ummm... not so much.  Mommy got to sit in his lap though, while he hung on for dear life :)   And that face is him saying "CHEESE."

I'm sooooo into the Holiday spirit these days!  This was perfect and so much fun :)  So glad we it!

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