Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Weekend

We started off on Friday night by coloring Easter eggs.  The one thing I regret about this whole deal is that I only hard boiled 6 eggs!  He could have colored 12 more and never lost interest.  He did such a good job, I was really impressed!  I was worried one of the cups would go flying at some point, but they never did :)

His finished products... complete with glitter!  Can you tell he's proud?

Then on Saturday, we went over to Aunt Linda's house to meet up with out-of-town cousins that we rarely get to see and hunt eggs!

On a mission...

Then of course Easter Sunday, he got his Easter basket...

...had to see if there was candy in each egg (this means shaking each one, apparently)...

...then when he decided there WAS candy in it, he'd open it up, set the candy aside, and go for another one!

He got a shovel and rake to help me in the flower garden.  But of course, first things first, he had to bang them together to make as much noise as possible!

After church, with cousins Brooks & Gentry!  Goofy kids!

Fun, fun weekend!  And the weather was perfect :)  I must say I'm loving this Spring so far!!

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