Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Looking the Part

Here's a couple of pictures my mom took of me this weekend!  I figured I couldn't go through TWO pregnancies without any pictures whatsoever.  I don't have a single picture from when I was pregnant with Dex, because I wasn't very big at all and was planning on taking them later in the pregnancy.  Well, we know how that turned out!  haha!

So, I decided to do these early and just poke out as far as I could :)

On another note... I really need to catch up on this blog.  Arg.  I hate when I get behind, because then it's always 50/50 if the stuff actually gets on here.  But I've been busy and trying to get to bed early, so there's my excuse :)  My hope is that by next week, I'll be back to normal on here!!  You have my permission to bug me if you don't start seeing new pictures soon!

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