Friday, September 6, 2013


I took Dex in to get his haircut this week.  And well, Anna's bangs were out of control.  They were always down in her eyes unless I put her hair up or pull it back and she ALWAYS pulled her ponytail holders and clips out.  So she would come home from school looking kinda scraggly (is that a word??).  So on a whim, I just had the lady just cut the ends off her bangs. 

She looks kinda funny to me with straight across bangs, but at least it's out of her face if need be :)
OH, and on a side note, I kinda figured the girl would just do it for free since it took her all of 5 seconds and we were the only customers in the shop, but NOOOO... that was a $9 bang trim!!  I almost fainted!  We won't be doing that again, that's for sure!
And also FYI - I don't technically count this as a first haircut since there were literally 3 strands that came off.

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