Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Pictures Update!

Since I don't think I have enough pictures of any one thing to blog about individual events, I'm going to lump them all here together into one big picture post :) 
I showed you our family picture earlier, but here's one I found of just me and the kids.  One day Anna's going to start smiling for the camera, I just know it!

We made pizzas the other night.  Pretty fun... I think we may have to start doing this more often.

Dex showing off the truck he and his Daddy built together.

One morning before school/work Dex gave Sean his "favorite" purple car and told him he wanted to take a picture together.  So we did!  How could I say no?

On Sunday, we went to the park they just re-constructed near our house.  It. Is. Awesome.  They put so many cool things in there!  I need to go back and get more pictures, that's for sure.
Anna pretty much just wanted to run around.

There is a zip line that Dex couldn't get enough of!  We practiced "waiting our turn."  That was fun  ;)

I had to leave the little kid on the right in the picture because his face cracks me up!

And now some iPhone pics...

I don't think I showed any pictures on here of Anna with her Smash Cake for her 1st Birthday, so here they are...


Dex eats the icing off cupcakes.  I found these remants laying around...

Anna was playing with my necklace and it got hung on her hair.  It was pretty hilarious  :)

It's HOT outside!

Washing the jeep.

Dex went to the TCU game with Sean last weekend... I think it might have been a little sunny looking toward the camera.  Haha!


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