Friday, October 25, 2013

A Walk Around The Neighborhood

Just a random Thursday outside after school/work since it is still so nice outside!  Our front yard is a mix of randomly painted pumpkins, flowers, and trucks.  I don't know if it's kitschy or just plain messy. Let's go with kitschy...

I love mums in the fall!  Too bad I have a 1 year old who thinks they are flowers that need to be picked :)

I really should wash her face more often...

"Kids Were Here"

Dex can run this truck up and down the sidewalk for hours.  I'm not kidding.  Hours.

Who knew we had such awesome lighting in our neighbor's driveway!  

One of my new favorite pictures below!!  She was just walking down the sidewalk putting her fists in the air over and over... so funny!  I was so happy that I had my camera with me for this.


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these sweet kiddies!!! Your fall decorations are beautiful!

  2. LOVE the sunflares, and I LOVE your girl in her jeggings! :)