Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Time at Pop & Emi's and Baby Brady Pictures

Me and the kids made the treck to Poppy and Emi's one weekend that Sean was hunting.  (Have I used that opening liner on another post recently?) :)

Amanda and her little fam were there also.  Me with the two littlest:

Brady looks like he's enjoying being the center of attention, don't you think?

He thinks I'm funny!  :)

I took some pictures of him using my Valentine's Day props, and he just looks so cute, I had to share!

Um, he's a natural.  Look at him posing for them... little ham.

His face just makes me giggle in this one.  Hehe!

My little eater.  And messy face.

Anna wants to be JUST LIKE her brother.  Even when he's eating like a doggie... or maybe especially when he's eating like a doggie.  She thought this was hilarious.


  1. Love! That last picture of Dex and Anna cracks me up!

  2. These pictures are all so great! Thanks so much!