Monday, September 12, 2011


Dex has been going to Mrs. Kristy's house for about 3-4 months now.... It's been a roller coaster, to say the least.  For about the first two months (maybe longer, I lost count after about 45 days), Dex cried at drop off.  Every. Single. Day.  No exceptions.  At first, I cried too.  I mean, that kind of thing really wears on me.  BUT, I knew he wasn't crying because he wasn't having fun or didn't like it there.  Quite the contrary, he began to LOVE it there!  At first, he cried because he was in a new place, didn't know anybody, and had a completely different schedule than he was used to.  And after a few days of that, I believe it had just become this habit, plus he is a total Momma's boy and just didn't want me to leave.  The first drop off we had that he didn't scream, I got back in my car... and cried the whole way to work!!  I guess he gets his sensitivity honestly :)

Anyway - I absolutely love Mrs. Kristy and I know Dex does as well.  We still have a little scene at drop-off a couple days a week, but every time I pick him up, he is beaming from ear to ear and talking about his friends at school.  Just yesterday, we were outside drawing with chalk on the sidewalk, and he made me draw every single one of the kids (they were stick figures, I'm not that good).

I hope everyone that has to put there kids in someone else's care all day long gets to love where their kids are as much as I do.  Dex is learning things every single day, and I am just amazed at what he comes home knowing!  He sang the alphabet song (really loudly) the whole time we were grocery shopping today.  And he sang it correctly!  And he can count to 10, he sings and motions to 'The Itsy-Bitsy Spider', knows a TON of colors, says 'bless you!' whenever someone sneezes, and I could go on and on!  OH - he knows his colors in Spanish, too!  He talks constantly, and I guess I've just never seen a little mind at work before, because he shocks me all the time at the things he knows!

Today's theme at school was "Magnificent ME!" and he came home wearing this crown.  He brings these projects home almost daily, and I really do love seeing his creations :)

(sweet innocent face) 

(a little more normal :))

This has been such a long journey, and I know it's not over.  But I wanted to document a little piece of it.  My dream is to still be able to stay home with my little man, but until I can do that, I am very grateful for where he is :)  Thank you Mrs. Kristy - for helping Dex adjust... and for being patient while Momma adjusted :)  

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  1. SO I am not a crier but reading this made me tear up! You are such a good mommy and Dex is so blessed to have you! He is so cute and sweet and I will be praying that one day soon you will get to stay home with him!! :)