Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just Outside Having a Little Fun!

There is no real reason for this post, other than I actually remembered to take my camera outside with us today.  I can't tell you how much I am enjoying being able to stay outside for an hour or two in the evenings and not be completely miserable.  So happy with that :)

Having said that, here are a bunch of pictures of him being his silly self.  He is in SUCH a silly stage, it's too funny!!  I need to be compiling a list of things he says.  Although I'm not sure they'd be as funny written down as they are when he says them!!  ha!

All that playing deserves a water break!!!

Oh... and those things on his feet?  Braces... and crocs because that's one of the two pairs of shoes that will fit over those things.

He is really bad about walking on his toes, so these are to help him strengthen the muscles to walk correctly.  If it's not corrected now, it could lead to a lot of problems later on that might not be so easy to fix (which could including surgery).  He calls them his "cool shoes" and actually really loves them.  Probably because we make them sound sooooo cool  :)   

AND finally - my attempt at taking a picture of the two of us.  Where is someone to take the picture for you when you need them?  haha!  

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