Saturday, September 24, 2011

Small Photo Dump

Here are just a few random happenings around our house in the last couple of days.  I am trying to remember to keep my camera handy.  I think the problem has been that I am working a LOT on wedding pictures I've shot recently, and so when I'm with Dex, I don't want to think about photography :)  But HE'S what I need to be capturing, so I'm making a renewed effort!

If he can complete this puzzle, does this mean he knows how to spell his name??   ;)  He does know the letters though!

A picture he drew.  It's good, right??!  I'm pretty sure he's an art prodigy (again, a little wink emoticon might be in order)  ;)

(in case you just don't have an artist eye and can't see it, it's OBVIOUSLY a stick person!)

This morning I lost him for a little bit, but never fear... he was doing me a huge favor and feeding Lily.  He does this quite a bit.  And thankfully I caught him this time before he could feed her as much as he normally does.

And finally, here he is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse this morning.  I just thought he looked cute :)  I think he might not be feeling well though, because he is never this still.  And true to form, now he's pulling on my sleeve and wanting to go outside.  So... here we go! 

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