Monday, September 26, 2011


We all know Dex is a big ol' sucker for trains.  If the train track weaving down our entryway and into our dining room isn't a big enough clue when you walk in our house, then probably the 700 different sized Thomas's would give it away.

So, yesterday we decided to take him to the Grapevine Train Station.  They have a lot of trains just sitting there for people to look at/climb on, plus there's the actual station there too.  It's a pretty cool spot.  They even have Thomas the Train stop by every so often (I don't know when because I refuse to go until Dex is old enough to enjoy/remember it).

You would have thought that kid died and went to heaven.  He talked NON-STOP and wouldn't quit moving, a sure sign he's havin a good time :)

Yes, I realize he's not looking at the camera in ANY of these.  It's hit or miss these days :)

Also, he got his first cold turned asthma attack of the season last night.  Obviously having a runny nose & cough wouldn't be so bad if it didn't affect his lungs the way it does.  We were up most of the night, doing breathing treatments and generally him just being uncomfortable and straining to breath.  So... we went ahead and went back to the pediatrician this morning to get prescriptions for the fall.  We'll start him back on his inhalers and Claritin, so hopefully this fall season won't be quite as bad as last years.  Fingers crossed!!

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