Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Sean suggested we take a family vacation this year... about 5 minutes from our house... and I must say, it was a great idea!  Close enough to know that we could go home if needed, but a new place so that the kids (well, Dex) felt like we were on a vaca!  

We went to a campsite on Lake Grapevine.  Our view from the porch of our cabin:

We went for walks along the water in front of our cabin.  Dex found a big piece of wood and would throw it into the water, retrieve it, and throw it again.  Sound like fun to you??  It certainly is to a 3 year old!

This is what Anna and I looked like for most of the trip:

Dex loved the playground they had at the campground.  We went there about 7 times in 2 days.  Even one night where just Dex and I went while Sean and Anna stayed at the cabin.  I love having some time with just Dex these days.  He's soooo funny and animated and I don't want that to ever go away!  Love being part of his fantasy world for a little while  :)

Dex and Daddy feeding ducks one morning.  These ducks were smart... after we fed them one time, they kept coming back for each meal! 

Dex and his loyal subjects... they would follow him everywhere!

Sweet little Annabel...

At the swimming area... I spent most of my time with Dex in the water, so we didn't get many pictures.

Dex and Daddy in the boat:

While me and Anna stayed in the tent chill-axing:

Cooking burgers for dinner!

Me and my boy!

Fun little stay-cation!  Thanks for getting us out of the house, Babe  :)

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