Thursday, September 20, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump :)

My iPhone has been my go-to camera these days... it's always there and I can message pictures to people without any hassle :)  So, I've taken most of Anna's pics on my phone.  Here's my updated "dump"!

It's like they bring out the SLEEP in each other.  I think I've posted another picture of him sleeping and holding here not that long ago... hmm...

The shirt doesn't really match the mood:

Trying to catch her smiling, but being unsuccessful.

Anna was crying and Dex came in and said "AN-NA-BEL!  Calm DOWN!!" :)

Dex's new watching TV spot...

Playing soccer with Uncle Blake!

Silly boy's silly face:

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  1. What IS it with the "active TV watching" these days?! Mine are all over the furniture, playing what appears to be "hot lava" while they watch TV. Jumping, standing and wallering all over the place.

    -Aunt Shannon