Monday, September 10, 2012

TCU Opener

Sean and I took Dex to the first TCU game of the year, leaving Anna with Mimi & DD.  I wish I had taken more pictures, but alas, I spent most of my time before the game making sure he didn't run away from the tailgate and talking with friends, and most of my time during the game holding him and his ears from all of the loud noises!  Ha!  Wow, our little group had about 7 kids under 4 in the stands together and at one point every single one of them was crying!  It was so sad, but also pretty funny to see  :)  They had a fly-over at the end of the national anthem and OMGosh, that was one of the loudest things I've EVER heard.  And then once the kids settled down, they had some guy flying in on a jet pack which sounded exactly like the loudest white noise in the world might sound!  Plus the speakers and sound system in that new stadium are just insane!  It was pandemonium there for a while.  I am not exaggerating, I wanted to cry, too.  And then of course, every time the crowd would start cheering or a noise started, Dex covered his ears in anticipation.  *sigh*  Besides all that, he had a great time at the tailgate and walking through Frog Alley before the game.  And I actually think he enjoyed parts of the game when he was watching it  :)

The tailgate this year is AMAZING.  Truly.  Like all professional-like.  I wish I had gotten a picture of it with everyone there and it all set up, but I didn't.  I will try to remember to do that next time!

In Frog Alley... Dex wanted to ride down this slide, but he stopped at the top and used it as his personal jumping bounce house.  He wouldn't come down because he just wanted to bounce!  ha!  He finally came down with our new friend and her baby :)

He would have done this a million times if we would have let him.

Once we got to our seats...

Dex got a new favorite hat :)  I love this kid in a hat!

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