Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Funnies, Part II

A few more haha's I want to remember  :)

Poppy told Dex to go say "What's up with that?" to Uncle Blake.  He must have gotten a little confused between the instructions and the delivery because he went over to him and said "What's that up for?"

Poppy & Emi were staying with us last weekend.  Dex had gone to bed and kept getting out of bed and running around upstairs, just generally doing anything he could not to have to fall asleep.  I had been upstairs once or twice and finally Sean went up.  He told him that if he would lay down in bed for a certain amount of time, then Emi would come up and read him a story.  Finally, after a while we hadn't heard him moving around, so she went upstairs to tell him goodnight. 
Dex: "I thought you weren't coming up here."
Emi: "Well, your Daddy said if you were good and laid down for 30 minutes and were quiet, then I would come up."
Dex: "But I haven't been!"

One morning, Anna was crying pretty much the whole way to Dex's school... we kept hitting red lights, and the stopping made her cry louder.  At one red light Dex finally exclaimed "Come on green light!  This is ridiculous!"

Dex had a bag of M&M's in the car, and I asked him if I could have one.  He handed me one and said "Here you go, little lady!"

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