Sunday, October 28, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump... Again...

This seems to be the best I can do these days.  To say I'm busy and overwhelmed is an understatement.  So I continue to try to remember to take pictures of my beautiful children with my cell phone :)

Look at those eye lashes growing in :)

Holding her head up like such a big girl!!

This is how Dex feeds Lilly... I'm surprised she doesn't weigh 100 pounds.

Check out that bow in her hair!

Dex and his cool shades like Tia.

I love these little Baby Legs!  So stinking cute.

Dex went to school as a Train Conductor again this year.  He has another outfit that I will debut sometime later.  But since this still fit him, he had the choice of what to wear to his school party, and wouldn't you know, the train conductor outfit won.

Him and his little school friends!  I find this picture particularly hilarious for some reason.

Sweetie pie.

That is all!!  :)

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