Tuesday, October 16, 2012

More Funnies

All three of these conversations happened in the car ride home yesterday... Man, I love my rides home these days.  He just talks the whole time and it's so funny :)

Me:  Are you excited we are going out to eat for Walker's birthday?  We're going to have Mexican food!!
Dex:  Um, I don't like Messy-ga food.
Me:  What?  You don't even know what it is!  Do you like nachos?  Do you like enchiladas?  Or quesadillas?  Or chips and dip?  Or chips and cheese?
Dex:  Oh!  I DO like Messy-ga food!

Dex had made a craft at school and his teacher had written his name on it.  D-e-c-l-a-n.  He normally spells his name D-e-x, with emphasis on the X.  He writes that letter first.
Dex:  Hey mommy, look! (pointing at his name) This spells me!    D. E.  Wait... this isn't right.  What's this letter? 
Me:  C
Dex:  And this?
Me:  L - A - N
Dex:  Well, this isn't right at all!! 
This started a conversation about nick-names, which I must say, is very confusing when you're trying to explain it to a 3 year old! 

Dex:  (Making a camera with his hands)  Hey mommy!  Make a silly face and I'll take your picture!
So I turned around and made a silly face at him and he clicked his camera and then pulled it away from his face to "look" at the back of it.
Dex:  Aww man!  This one is blurry!  Let me do it again.

And finally, on the way to school this morning we were talking about Anna going to her "baby school" and Dex going to "big boy school."  I said, "when Anna gets to be 2 years old, she's going to go to your school.  And when you turn 5, you're going to go to Kindergarden!! 
Dex:  Yeah!!  And when I get older and grow bigger and bigger than Daddy, then I will get to go to work with you guys!  Right, mommy?  

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  1. Dex is so hilarious! He just cracks me up!!! I love him!!!