Monday, October 8, 2012

Zoo Time 2012

Since Sean and I are off today for Columbus Day, we took the family to the Fort Worth Zoo.  Dex started getting tired when we got there, but he was a trooper and still had a really good time.  We got home and he woke up from a nap with a 101 fever, so I guess he really wasn't feeling that well.  Poor guy... you can tell in a couple of these pictures that he was feeling kinda 'droopy.'

While we looked at all the cool animals, Annabel did a whole lot of this:

Riding the train!  Dex's favorite part.  See he's holding his train ticket  :)

How Annabel rides the Yellow Rose Express:

See?  Sicky.

His second favorite thing - the carousel.  Come to think of it, his two favorite things had nothing to do with the animals.  Ha!

Love his face in this one:

Watching Daddy shoot things.

Eating his M&M's, trying to pick out the red ones because apparently, they taste the best.

Still sleeping...

Check out this monster!!  Holy woah.

Fun day!  Now off to take care of my sick little boy. 

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