Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Country Time

I was at my parents last weekend with the kids.  They sure love the outdoors, and I am so thankful for that :)  This is going to include a million pictures, and this is only a fraction of what I have!

You will notice this truck in most of the pictures with Dex.  He pushed it EVERYWHERE.   It's crazy that in some of these pictures the kids are bundled up and then some of them, Dex is in shorts and a t-shirt.  Texas weather...

Messin' around with Ol' Trusty (the truck)...

Checking out the hog trap.

And running through the trails Poppy made.

That lip...

Dirty bottom!!

We got this picture...

...and then this happened  :)

Emi, Anna, Dex, and Me


Every single one of the grandkids loves that four wheeler!  Even little Brady goes for rides!

Poppy and Emi!!  Awwee  :)

This is what happened when Anna couldn't go with us on a ride:

Muuuuuch better  :) 

Anna's "treasures"

He got his favorite shirt a little dirty.  He wears this shirt every other day to school.  He would wear it every day, but I make him skip so I can wash the thing.  I wish I could figure out what makes it so special so we could get more like it!

Everyone had a wonderful time in the country, as always!  We love you, Poppy & Emi!


  1. We LOVED the weekend with y'all! What great pictures and great memories!!! XOXOXOXO

  2. Love these pictures and love the country! We're so glad Brady will get to enjoy this growing up! He'll have a blast there with those loving grandparents! :)