Sunday, December 8, 2013

Icemageddon 2013

So, we've been having "Icemageddon" over here.  Not my word, I saw it on Facebook... seems like a tad much, but I just go with the flow :)

It started on Thursday night, and we've been home-bound since Friday.  Schools were closed, work was closed, it was NASTY outside.  It looked like snow, but it was ice.  And it was un-drivable.  The temperature finally got above freezing today, and we could be outside relatively comfortably without 7 layers of clothes on, so we ventured outside.  Honestly, it was the first time the kids could even walk on it because it was a sheet of glass before today.  Today, it was getting slushy, so Dex did okay.  Anna just doesn't quite weigh enough yet, but at least when she fell, she had cushion under her instead of hard ice!

Dex was digging out his trucks that got snowed in!

Um, yeah.  I don't have any snowy weather clothes for Anna.  She's in Christmas pajamas, a pink hoodie, and Dex's old toboggan.  Oh, and socks and hole-y shoes.  She also didn't have gloves so I ended up putting socks over her hands!  Haha!  What a sight.

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