Monday, February 22, 2010

Change of Subject

I didn't take any pictures of Dex this weekend, mostly because I was taking some of this pretty lady!  (Most of you recognize her as my beautiful little sister!)  :)

I've been really playing with the camera and photography, and wanted a different subject than Dex.  He's sweet and cute and all, but lately he is just impossible to get to smile, or even LOOK, at the camera.  It was nice to have someone who would do what I told them to do!  Haha!  I've become fairly "decent" in photoshop (still probably only working with about 5% of the program's capabilities), so I thought I'd give it a whirl with a real, live photo shoot.  I think they turned out pretty good!  Although it helps when your subject looks like her! 

I would love to start doing some Senior Photos for the upcoming graduates as a side project, so if anybody knows of anyone that would like me to practice on them, please let me know!

To see the full album, check me out at:

Thanks, Amanda, for being my first subject and for hanging out with me :)


  1. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful subject!! :) Love to you both!