Sunday, February 28, 2010

Flexing His Teeth Muscles

I guess since he can't crawl over the walls that seem to trap him in at night, he's decided he'd gnaw his way out...

I don't know why he hates being in that crib so much!

This is what I discovered yesterday.

And I honestly don't know when he's doing this!  I mean, I get up and get him out in the mornings and he's always still laying down.  And when he's napping, the minute I hear him crying, I go get him.  He has to be doing it in the middle of the night or something! 


  1. You are not alone!!! All I have to say is that those protective teeth rails from Babies R Us are awesome!!!

  2. If I ever get my crib back (and that seems to be a big IF) I will email you pictures of the crib Judah slept in. It looks like he was spending his nights trying to build a dam! We could hear him chewing away. It was the craziest thing! I don't know why they do it! Must feel good on their teeth/gums!