Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dex seriously seems to learn something new every single day. I noticed this weekend that he is actually starting to play like a little boy and not a baby! He will try to mimic you when you do things, he will crawl around the room, come and show you what he's picked up, and play hide and seek (well, he will duck his head behind something then poke it up where he can see you and laugh and laugh!) It so flippin' cute! I will try to get a video of that next time. This is SUCH a fun age!! I feel like I say that every month older he gets! When do we start regressing and saying "he was really testing my nerves today?" :)

Doing his "fish face"

Video of him mimicking me smacking and waving hello/goodbye!

Such a smartie :)


  1. That is seriously too cute and too funny all at the same time! Isn't being a Mommy the best?!

  2. I love it more than I ever thought I could!! :)

  3. Brooks does fish face, TOO!!! So funny. Gentry can't do it - she ends up just sucking in her top lip. Must be a boy thing. Or an O'Neal thing.

    Aunt Shano