Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday Night Blues

I'm honestly grasping for a post here!  We were going to go out to eat tonight (which I was going to take pictures of...because little Dex in his highchair at a big table is pretty funny), but that fell through, so I had to figure something out here at home.  So, we were just playing around and I grabbed a few shots.

He still loves his monkey safari bouncy chair, however he doesn't sit in it quite the same as he used to :)

Snacking, with an added degree of difficulty...


Holding his spoon the whole time!  Seriously one of his favorite toys...a spoon!  ha!


  1. Cute! Brooklyn loves her spoon too...has those same ones! She now will ask me "spoon?" because that's what she wants to play with...or just chew on! :)

  2. I am thrilled that he enjoys his monkey bouncer!!! That was a good investment!
    Is he into monkeys?