Monday, February 1, 2010

First "Haircut"

Before (notice the peach fuzz at the nape of his neck.  That's what's coming off!):


He was pretty fidgit-y, so we gave him his favorite thing to chew on... his sunglasses.  (Can you see his very first black eye?  It's actually the eye furthest from the camera, but I definitely notice it.)

I think he was pretty much over it by this point (2 minutes in).  That may be the saddest face I've ever seen!!

(I was reading through this and noticed all the Girl Scout cookies in the background!  haha!  Those girls get me every year!!)

Here's some of the hair we cut.  Haha!  I know he looks completely bald to begin with and you're wondering why in the world we cut his hair, but that back hair needed to come off, it really was getting very long and the hair on top of his head just wasn't keeping up!

After (can you see ANY difference?):

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