Wednesday, April 14, 2010

He's Getting There

We may be finally coming out of the woods after two weeks of sickness... (I almost hate to type that for fear of jinxing myself).  Dex has had fever starting Saturday night, and it finally let up yesterday.  He's still not eating, but we've been able to keep him hydrated, at least.  Today, he seemed like a new baby once he finally woke up.  But he tired really quickly and fell back into his cranky sick fussiness.  I was able to take him to his new nanny/daycare this afternoon, and I must say, it was much less traumatic than I thought.  I fully expected him to cry, me to cry, me not be able to get work done because I was so distraught, and it was nothing like that!  I think we've found a great place for him to go, and I think he'll really enjoy being around other kids!  When I left him, the other babies were pulling on his ears and clothes, and I kept hearing "bay-bay?"  He just sat there stunned, poor guy.  I stayed a while until he felt comfortable enough to go exploring a little bit.  I think we'll all be okay!  :)  (it's so funny being on this end of it, because I've always heard people talk about how difficult this is, and I'm always like, 'really?  They're fine!'  Well, folks, lo and behold, it's just not that easy!)

Since every post needs pictures, here are a few of me trying to keep a hat on Dex for one photo.  ONE.  Needless to say, 20 pictures later, and I still didn't have a picture I wanted.  *sigh*  He'll turn on the charm and wear the hat for everyone else, but me?  Nah, not so much.

Sooooo happy with himself.  Stinker.

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  1. Oh, Kerri, I am so glad Dex is feeling better! I know that is just as hard on Momma as it is baby!!!