Monday, April 5, 2010


At least this time, it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed with some medication and a breathing treatment!  Dex woke up this morning with an awful dry raspy (barky) cough and was having difficulty breathing.  He was taking short shallow breaths and it just sounded awful.  Once I got him up and awake, he acted completely normal, playing and smiling, but just the sound of his breathing, and knowing the short breaths are not a good sign, we needed to do something.  Since this was at 5:30 am and we couldn't take him to his regular pediatrician, we drove him to Cook's in Fort Worth.  Thankfully, they got us in quickly, got Dex a breathing treatment (HATED IT) and gave him some oral steroids.  We had to wait there for an hour to make sure he didn't react to it, and then we were discharged.  He'll be taking steroids for the next few days, but right now he sounds much better.  Pray that continues!   He was diagnosed with Croup and an upper respiratory infection.

Here is a picture of Dex in his teeny tiny hospital gown!  Needless to say, the nurses loved him :)


  1. How could you not love that face?? I just want to squeeze him!! :)

  2. Oh my goodness! Can I squeeze him now, please? I did not even know they made hospital gowns that small! If they did not give it to you, I think it would "accidentally" have found its way into my purse.

  3. brooks has an exact replica of that little purple gown from when he went to Cook's!!! we should have their pics made in them ;)

    aunt shano

  4. What a little doll. Kerri, you're a great mommy! I would leave a contibution on the bed and confiscate that gown! Too cute!

    Dex's Great Aunt Jeannie