Saturday, April 24, 2010


Sean and I went to pick up Dex this morning from staying yesterday and last night with Mimi & Daddy Doug.  He got to spend lots of time with DD, which I'm pretty sure he loved...he's known for giving pretty good snacks to his grandbabies :)

We were all hanging out outside when we got there today because the boys were working the yard and it is just gorgeous outdoors these days!  Here's Dex playing Sean, who kept putting his hat on his head.  Of course, Dex had to pull it off immediately every time!

Love that perfectly round, bald head!

We turned his car seat around to face the front today, and the ride home was his first time facing forward!  He loved it so much, he fell asleep right away.  But doesn't he look so grown up?  Haha! 

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