Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pictures at the Park

Sean and Daddy Doug have been at the house working on shelves in one of our closets all morning.  So I decided to load Dex up, run to the craft store for a couple of things, and then we went by the park for a minute so I could try to get a few pictures.  I knew it would be difficult, since it was only me and him, and I had the camera.  It's hard to get his attention, focus the camera, take the picture, and make sure he doesn't fall off of whatever he's sitting on all at the same time.  Shwew.  But I was pleasantly surprised, I got a few!  Here you go!

The hand forward is because I was trying to get him to smile by jingling my keys in front of his face!  Haha!  I have about 12 pictures with his hand straight out :)

No idea, maybe trying to taste the air?  But regardless, I love this picture!

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