Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Bath Time Pics

Dex has really started to get into his bath time.  If we are around his tub, he will grunt and point and try to get into it before I've even started running water.  And once he's in... well... don't stand too close, because water goes flying everywhere!  He laughs and laughs at himself for splashing and I'm pretty sure when I say "DEX, you're getting everything wet!  AAHHH!" he splashes even harder :)  One of the cutest things to watch... harder to take pictures, because I was trying to keep the camera out of the way of the flying water.  But here's a few I managed!

A few before he really got going... (hair/face still dry)

That's a baby rubber ducky in his mouth, if anyone was wondering...

See, he DOES actually have top teeth!  He just never shows them!

Love this one :)

Okay, I'd kill for those eyelashes.

Ahhh... makes my night happy to watch this  :)

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