Saturday, August 28, 2010

Trip to the Zoo with Cousins!

We just got back from the zoo just a little while ago.  Dex and I went with Aunt Shannon, Brooks & Gentry (3 kids, 2 adults?  Thank goodness Shannon knows what she's doing with the twins, I don't think I was much help...I'm overwhelmed with one!)  The weather was perfect, if not just a smidge warm, but I refuse to complain about 85 degrees, given what we've had the last couple months.  Well, instead of talking, here are some pictures of the kiddos!

Typical boy, climbing on everything!  Thankfully, Shannon was able to keep him out of the gorilla cage!

"Why do you think he's got his back to us?  Doesn't he like us??!"

"Hey, you guys see this?!"

Probably Dex's favorite part of the trip.  Water fountain!!  Although he looks kinda scared here, he definitely was not.  And he did NOT want to leave.  Shoulda got a picture of that

This cracks me up.  :)


  1. So cute! I love the dialogue by the gorilla cage - ha!


  2. Looks like Dex is peeing on the fudge sign. ;)