Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Outside Weather (FINALLY!)

Well, surprising as it was, I was super happy that my thermostat in my car said 83 degrees on my drive home from work!  83!!  I knew what we were doing when we got home.....   :) 

It is getting increasingly harder to keep Dex still or have him look anywhere near my camera.  Even looking this close was luck. 

Can't we just get ONE picture with a normal expression?  haha!

Nope... Annnnnd he's off!

Our neighbors were outside, as well.  Little Coop doesn't look too happy sharing his ball :)

So he decided to go get his car to play with.

Weeeellllll... it didn't take long for Dex to trade him the ball for the car :)

Today makes me really ready for fall!!


  1. I love his expressions! I am in TOTAL agreement with you...come on fall!!

  2. LLLLOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEE!!! I miss him so much!!