Sunday, August 22, 2010

Time With Friends

I love the fact that the internet can connect us with old friends.  Dex and I met up with Katie (an old college friend from, ohhh...10 years ago? wow...) and Brooklyn yesterday.  I follow her blog, but I just had to see this little girl in person  :)  So, Dex and I drove over and had a fun little afternoon! 

Seriously, rocking chairs are just SO MUCH FUN, aren't they??  :)

I caught a few expressions that I thougth were worth sharing.  Check out his sideways glance in her direction.  (you may have to click on the picture for a bigger view)


Our attempt to have them hold hands.  But don't you dare ask them to hug, because "noooo...MOMMY do it."  Hehe!!  Precious.

This little girl has the biggest vocabulary I've ever seen on a kid her age.  She just talks and talks and talks, and most of it I can understand!!  Katie can understand it all, but she may hear it a little more often than me  :)  How cute is she???!!

And just a few of my little babe...

He's discovered that he likes to lick his lips, so his tongue is out quite a bit these days...  Do they make baby chapstick?

Can you tell it was sunny yesterday??  (add this picture to our 'little boy, big field' series)

I had a GREAT time (and I'm pretty sure Dex did to)!!  We will definitely do it again!  Yay for the internet and old friends!!

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  1. We had such fun!!!! I cannot wait to come visit you...maybe sometime in the fall when it is cooler outside!! Thankfully, fall is almost here! yay!:)